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Le Vent du Nord

Academie Charles Cros Banner Grands Prix Du Disque Et Du DVD 2012

Quebec’s much lauded musical quartet Le Vent du Nord (The North Wind) bring to a close their tenth anniversary year as recipients of a very special music award. On Thursday November 29th, at the Charles Trenet Auditorium in Paris, Le Vent du Nord received the Grand Prix du Disque 2012 ‘Musique du Monde’

(World Music) from The Académie Charles Cros. The award was given in recognition of the band's latest album entitled Tromper Le Temps (Deceiving the Time) released on Borealis Records.

The Académie Charles Cros is a French organization which was created in 1947 by a group of music critics and specialists in the field of recorded music. Under the auspices of the President of the Republic, Mr François Hollande, each year the academy honours artists performing in the French-speaking world across a number of musical genres. Since its inception the institution has paid homage to several Quebec artists including Felix Leclerc, Gilles Vigneault, Robert Charlebois, Michel Rivard, Richard Desjardins etc. This year Le Vent du Nord Have the distinction of being the first Quebec & Canada based group to be awarded the prize for World Music.


Le Vent du Nord

Nicolas Boulerice (vocals, hurdy gurdy, piano, piano accordion) + Olivier Demers (fiddle, electric guitar, clogging, mandolin, vocals) + Réjean Brunet (basses, diatonic accordion, jaw harp, piano, vocals) + Simon Beaudry (vocals, bouzouki, guitar)

Quebec’s progressive folk band Le Vent du Nord return with their seventh album entitled ‘Tromper Le Temps’ which translates as cheating or deceiving time! 

Renowned as ambassadors of Francophonie, Le Vent du Nord are also largely acknowledged as one of the key groups in Quebec’s traditional folk music revival. Since their formation in August 2002 the band has enjoyed great success which has allowed them to take their music to other countries.

Le Vent Du Nord (Wind from the North) perform traditional Québécois music in French which is heavily influenced by Celtic music from both Ireland and Brittany. The group use a very diverse range of musical instruments augmented by Québécois Foot Percussion presented via a most entertaining, energetic and engaging stage show.

Cd Booklet Cover 'Tromper le Temps'

Tromper Le Temps “Cheating Time” is as much a statement as an observation. Nicolas Boulerice, Olivier Demers, Réjean Brunet Simon Beaudry are four musicians exploring and playing music of yesterday, today, and possible tomorrow. The album features a sound that has found its identity over the course of a decade of touring; the band has played close to 1,000 concerts in North America and Europe.

The album Tromper le Temps sees Le Vent du Nord pushing their own limits and exploring their vocal harmonies and musical textures. Through the course of the thirteen tracks the band takes us on a trip through several historical periods. The lyrics and poetic scenes that have marvellously survived the passage of time are wonderfully pertinent to our present day realities, socially, politically and personal.

Le Vent du Nord

Like all artists Le Vent du Nord are not afraid to take chances and experiment in new musical areas. They thumb their nose at the passage of time and proudly continue to anchor their musical traditions in the present with fluid arrangements, great instrumentals and vocals, and the best in contemporary production.

Le Vent du Nord have been the recipients of numerous awards. The latest arrived in the Spring of 2011, when they received their second Juno Award for their previous studio album La Part du Feu.

He grew up listening to the family repertoire and the songs collected by his father. His passion for traditional music led him to Ireland and France, where he learned to play the hurdy-gurdy.

A young, talented and charismatic musician, Nicolas has been roaming the folk circuit for the last ten years, starting out with Ad Vieille Que Pourra and Montcorbier. Alongside Olivier Demers, he then recorded the album Le Vent Du Nord Est Toujours Fret, which was the genesis of Le Vent du Nord. He has also worked alongside several other artists such as the jazz septet Ovo, Les Batinses, Dobacaracol, Les Zapartistes, Benoit Charest and Michel Faubert. He is a founding member of Roues et Archets, a record label specializing in Quebecois traditional music, and is also co-founder of the Chants de Vielles festival in Calixa-Lavalée, Québec.

Trained as a violinist and also as a guitarist, Olivier started out in chamber music and
later moved on to jazz. His great versatility allowed him to work with a wide range of
artists (La Bottine Souriante, Michel Faubert, The Bills, Dany Bédar, Boom Desjardins,
Les Ours, Mario Pelchat, Ovo) as well as to compose music for the NFB and
commercials. He now describes himself as a violoneux (fiddler), having devoted the past
ten years of his life to traditional music. He has played with Montcorbier and was part of the duo Boulerice-Demers (two albums, among which Un Peu D’ci, Un Peu D’ça, rewarded as Canada’s best traditional music album for 2006) and has been very active in promoting the tradition as co-organiser of La Veillée de L’avant-Veille (for the last 10 years), of the Chants de Vieilles festival and as co-founder of the Roues et Archets record label.

Réjean grew up in the village of Lacolle, Québec playing Quebecois traditional music as a very young boy. After performing with his brother (André, well-known for his work with La Bottine Souriante and the Celtic Fiddle Festival) as a duo and recording three albums, Réjean joined La Volée d’Castors. He toured with them for eight years releasing five albums whilst performing in Europe, Canada and the U.S A. Réjean is also frequently invited by traditional musicians such as Sabin Jacques, Richard Forest and Gaston Nolet to join them on stage or in the recording studio. he now showcases his great talent around the world.

Hailing from Saint-Côme, Québec, an environment where tradition is still very much alive.
Simon inherited a solid family musical background from both his grandfathers (one a
fiddler, the other a singer) and went on to hone his craft by earning a music degree at
Joliette College. He started out by performing, as a solo artist and in a duo with his
brother Éric, traditional repertoire and songs from the great Québécois songwriters in
many cafes around his hometown. Later on, he accompanied the Petits Pas Jacadiens
troupe of Saint-Jacques-de-Montcalm before joining Le Vent du Nord, with whom he now
travels the world, displaying his sweet voice and his rich guitar playing.

Tromper le temps (2012)

Le Vent du Nord Symphonique (2010)

La Part du Feu (2009)

Mesdames et messieurs! (2008)

Dans les airs (2007)

Les amants du Saint-Laurent (2005)

Maudite moisson! (2003)

Visit the bands shop at Le Vent du Nord Music 

Le Vent du Nord at Celtic Radio