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CD Single 'Hanging On The Ground'

Label/Publisher: Vision Independent
Distributor: CD Baby/iTunes
Videos: http://www.youtube.com

The Band
Kyron Bourke - Vocals & Piano http://www.kyronbourke.com
Cormac O’Kane – Keyboards http://www.cormacokane.com
Feargal O’Kane – Drums + Bernard Flanagan – Bass + Conn Smyth - Guitar 

Hanging on the Ground is the new single from Kyron & The Strangels.                                                                                               The track is released as a prelude to their as yet unnamed debut album scheduled for late November 2008.

Kyron & The Strangels Live

The band was formed as part of a natural progression from songwriting sessions held between three friends Kyron Bourke, Philip Kampff and Cormac O’Kane. As a result of these early creative meetings Cormac O’Kane set about recording the Strangels in his Belfast studio. 

The first song to emerge from the studio was ‘Walking My Dog’ which was also their first single release; a song that gained a                certain amount of notoriety for all the right reasons. It was well received by all sections of the media and in turn it led to numerous  offers from radio and television. 

Kyron Bourke In Full Flow -- Mega

It was in the summer of 2007 that the Strangles first started to perform live. Kyron and Cormac along with new band members               Feargal on drums and Bernard on bass started to try out heir original material in front of a very discerning music audience at the            Black Box in Belfast. Since then each of the groups live shows assisted by their enthusiastic fans have become ‘an event.’ 

Kyron & The Strangels very creative videos which can be viewed on You Tube receive a tremendous amount of attention.                       One video directed by Stephen Mullan is made completely of cardboard; the set, instruments and props are all cardboard!   

The name Strangels is derived from a Tom Waits song ‘The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me Today’ based on a word Tom’s daughter               dreamed up by cleverly combining the words ‘strange angels’. 

Kyron Bourke In Soulful Mode

When Kyron Bourke is not playing the piano or behind the microphone fronting the Strangles he is most likely to be found                     working with oil and watercolours. Apart from being a fine musician he is a much respected artist with numerous galleries                     exhibiting his, what critics describe as, ‘unique work’. 

Kyron Burke’s family roots were established in Co Fermanagh where his grandfather farmed and reared cattle near the border                village of Belleek on the River Erne. Kyron’s father a cousin of Brendan Behan was a wardrobe man in films who later in his                    life ran a costume business in Dublin. His mother also associated with the arts devoted herself to the business of singing light              opera.

With the Behan family connection it was fitting then that Bourke’s first art exhibition was called ‘Pictures of my Cousin and Other Landscapes’.

Cormac O’Kane (Keyboards) www.cormacokane.com + Feargal O’Kane (Drums)

Cormac started out as the musical director of the ‘PK Tonight Show’ which was Patrick Kielty’s breakthrough programme. Cormac and Feargal were both in a         band with Snow Patrol’s drummer Jonny Quinn called The New Brontes. 

Ryan O’Neill (Guitar) - Ryan is from Dungiven in County Derry,

Conn Smyth (Guitar) - Conn is from Carndonagh in County Donegal

Bernard Flanagan (Bass) Bernard is from Maghera in County Derry.

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pattynan@btinternet.com  +  www.pattynanmedia.com

Walking My Dog, the last single from Irish band Kyron & The Strangels went from strength to strength in the pop notoriety stakes.         The song is about a voyeur who peers into people’s window’s while he’s out walking his dog.

Kyron Bourke Out On The Streets With Carboard Dog In Tow Looking Through Windows

To celebrate the singles sucess at the time Kyron and the Strangels walked the streets of Dublin and Galway with a carboard               dog in tow to peer into people’s front rooms….and they took a camera crew with them! Their first video of ‘Walking My Dog’                   was an all cardboard affair, directed by Stephen Mullan.

S&M Girls

‘They asked people listening to the Moncrieff show on Newstalk 106 – 108 FM Ireland, and visitors to their MySpace                             site to open their curtains and do something wild in their window for their ‘Walking My Dog’ video.   

And the people of Dublin and Galway didn’t disappoint.  Belly dancers, female boxers, people with a fettish for leather                           and cross dressers all volunteered to take part. 

The Snake Lady

The video of of 'Walking My Dog’ is available on YouTube and has also been screened  on RTE Two television in Ireland.                       If you would you like to find out what Kyron & The Strangels saw behind the curtains of two of Ireland’s largest cities go                        to the following You Tube link!  http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx6elbwCaAM

Snake Lady

The inspiration for the lyrics came about when one of the songs composers lived in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.                                Every night he would take his Collie for a walk. As he and his faithful friend made their way along the well heeled suburban                    streets he’d sing the chorus ‘Walking My Dog’ and then make up lines based on the shadowy figures he could see moving                    around inside the local houses.


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