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CD Booklet - 'If We Were Kings'

Track Listing 1. The Actor 2. She’s Not Particular 3. Hanging On The Ground 4. Walking My Dog  5. Open Mouth 6. King Cauntes 7. If I Was King 8. You You You
9. Headless Chicken 10. Flesh & Flood 11. Stupid Love 12. Walking Away 13. This Is The End Again

Kyron & The Strangels have built up a loyal following through their live shows and a series of five wacky videos that are now viewed throughout the world on You Tube.

The Strangels have released two singles ‘Walking My Dog & Hanging on the Ground. Their first single release was the infamous “Walking My Dog” which was accompanied by two individual videos. Video one was the much lauded ‘Cardboard Technology Version’ where the set, fixtures, fittings and musical instruments plus the dog are all made from cardboard. 

Kyron Bourke

Their second video for Walking My Dog - another You Tube success - was the naughty street version. The band asked people to appear at their windows doing something interesting. In turn the band with a film crew in tow would visit their street and capture the results; one fan wrapped herself with her pet snake.

The group Kyron & The Strangels came about as a natural progression from songwriting sessions held between three friends Kyron Bourke, Philip Kampff and Cormac O’Kane

In the summer of 2007 the Strangels started to play live in the Black Box in Belfast. Kyron and Cormac along with new band members Feargal on drums, Bernard on bass started to perform their original songs to an ever increasing fan base. Cormac O’Kane who had been developing the Strangels sound based on the early song writing sessions started to produce the band in his own Belfast recording studio.

CD Single - 'Walking My Dog'

The name Strangels is derived from a Tom Waits song ‘The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me Today’ based on a word Tom’s daughter dreamed up by cleverly combining the words ‘strange angels’. 
When Kyron Bourke is not playing the piano or behind the microphone fronting the Strangles he is most likely to be found working with oil and watercolours. Apart from being a fine musician he is a much respected artist with numerous galleries exhibiting his, what critics describe as, ‘unique work’. 

Kyron & The Strangels live

Kyron Burke’s family roots were established in Co Fermanagh where his grandfather farmed and reared cattle near the border village of Belleek on the River Erne. Kyron’s father a cousin of Brendan Behan was a wardrobe man in films who later in his life ran a costume business in Dublin. His mother also associated with the arts devoted herself to the business of singing light opera.

Some time ago we announced that the album If We Were Kings was on the way. The release had to be postponed and the band had to cease work in 2009 to enable Kyron sufficient time to donate one of his kidneys to his brother.  
Having now put all many the events of 2009 behind them Kyron & The Strangels are pleased to announce the release of ‘If We Were Kings.’ The album includes all the tracks that are so popular with their live audiences and You Tube viewers such as, Walking My Dog 1& 2, The Actor, You You You, Headless Chicken, Walking Away and many more; thirteen tracks in all.  

Kyron Bourke vocals & piano - Cormac O'Kane keyboards - Ryan O’Neil guitar
Feargal O'Kane drums - Conn Smyth guitar - Bernard Flanagan bass 

About The Strangels

Kyron Bourke is from Co Fermanagh

Cormac and Feargal O’Kane are both from Irvinestown in County Fermanagh

Ryan O’Neill is from Dungiven in County Derry

Conn Smyth is form Carndonagh in County Donegal

Bernard Flanagan is from Maghera in County Derry.

Cormac started out in the media as the musical director of the PK tonight show which was Patrick Kielty’s breakthrough programme. Cormac and Feargal were both in a band with Snow Patrol drummer Jonny Quinn called The New Brontes.

To find out a little more about all the people Cormac and Feargal O’Kane  have performed with over the years then have a look at www.cormacokane.com .

All music http://www.visionindependentproductions.com/

Click on the You Tube link to see all the videos by                    Kyron & The Strangels.

Why not visit Video Celt and see Walking My Dog