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Skuffle CD Booklet Cover

Kevin Healy + Steve McManus + Shan Chana + Sean Kingsley
             ↓                      ↓                      ↓                      ↓
Geordie Skuffle + Bass Skuffle + Skuffle Box Skuffle +  Scouse Skuffle

Legendary Rock Songs Played Totally Unplugged aka Skuffle There are NO electric instruments involved, NO synthesizers, NO Drum Kit.

Tracks: Paranoid + Since You Been Gone + Back In Black + You Really Got Me + Eye Of The Tiger + Black Night + Crazy Little Thing Called Love + Black Dog + Jumpin Jack Flash + Feel Like Makin’ Love + Come Together + Sunshine of Your Life + Pinball Wizard + Manic Depression + All Right Now + Sweet Child of Mine  

Kevin Healy, Shan Chana, Sean Kingsley, Steve McManus

A long time ago Geordie Skuffle aka Kevin Healy was playing his guitar in the pit of the enormously successful West End show "Cats" when soaring above the chorus he heard the astonishing voice of young Sean Kingsley. They knew they were destined to make records together but both continued to make a living whilst time rolled mercilessly by.

Around the same time Geordie Skuffle visited the orchestra of the iconic seventies show "Fame" where he encountered the future Skuffle Box Skuffle. Their early relationship almost floundered when Shan, as he was then known, attacked Kevin, as he was then known, with a rubber chicken during his moment of guitar hero glory. (Fortunately hilarity prevailed).

Steve McManus + Shan Chana + Sean Kingsley + Kevin Healy

A few years later Kevin on holiday with his family in Barcelona was walking through the old town when he heard groovy drumming emanating from a shop doorway. Inside he discovered his Skuffle Box being played by the local drum-shop assistant.
Now the Skuffle Box is an old cheap Peruvian instrument of rustic manufacture which found it's way to Spain and the Flamenco fraternity during the nineteen nineties. They call it Flamenco Cajon (not to be confused with Cojon, most often seen in plural form Cojones). Cajon translated means box therefore Flamenco Box but Cajones can also be used to mean Chest of Drawers. (You can make up your own jokes). Kevin brought one home via Easy Jet who kindly allowed it a seat, causing a near riot with an American woman who seemed desperate to sit next to him. You can hear the freshly named Skuffle Box on most tracks of the CD.

Joey's Jukebox

More time passed and Kevin again sitting in a West End pit now accompanying the late Patrick Swayze in "Guys & Dolls" amused himself in the interval playing rock tunes on his acoustic guitar. When the incumbent Double Bass player joined in (for a laugh) something finally clicked in Kevin's brain.
That weekend at a barbecue hosted by Lise Taylor-Vebel, Web designer, Artist, Photographer, and Graphic Designer for all things Skuffle related, (just a few of her many talents), Kevin broached his idea for Skuffle with Bass player Steve McManus who was instantly hooked on the sheer genius of the concept. Legendary rock songs played totally unplugged. Within minutes Bass McSkuffle was born and a course of action set into motion that could change the way Rock music was perceived and performed.

Cartoon of Geordie & Skuffle Box Skuffle

Here are sixteen of rocks greatest iconic guitar based songs performed by Skuffle in their own unique style. We hope you are inspired to revisit the originals, buy or build your own Skuffle box and get rockin’ with your mates. Now is the time to Skuffle, Geordie Skuffle.

Kevin HealyPeter picks up the story........."Expatsradio is rarely speechless as you may have noticed but in this case we were. Why? We had been sent a copy of Skuffle's first CD and we had decided to play it in the edit suite on the big speakers. From the very first note we were absolutely bowled over. If you are a rock fan, try this out as all the songs are played on acoustic instruments!! So who is behind this and what is the story? Here is the message we got from Kevin Healy who kindly recorded an interview with us."

   Picture. Kevin Healy                                                                            

Click on Expat's logo to hear Peter Anstis chatting with Skuffle's Kevin Healy

Skuffle are:

Sean Kingsley (AKA Scouse Skuffle) Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals.

Shan Chana (AKA Skuffle Box Skuffle) Skuffle Box, Congas, Dhol, Udu, and Percussion.
Steve McManus (AKA Bass McSkuffle) Double Bass.
Kevin Healy (AKA Geordie Skuffle) Acoustic Guitar, Spanish Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, and Kettle.

Musicians: Judd Lander (Hell Raising Harmonica) + Jeff Adams (Blazing Blues Harp) + Andy Findon (Formidable Flute & Alto Flute) Kuljit Bhamra  (Tremendous Tabla) + Dave Bishop (Towering Tenor & Baritone Sax) Julia Graham - Celestial Cello  +  Vocals - Anne Skates, Hazel Fernandes, Alison Jiear and Helen York. 

Label: Joey’s Jukebox - JOEYS CD 001 Skuffle - Skuffle

Joeys Jukebox website  http://www.joeysjukebox.com