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Chloe Hall

Booklet of CD 'Outside'

Chloe Halls new album “Outside“ reveals the fulfilment and development into the serious recording artist she has always been threatening to become.

Accompanied by long standing producer Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood, Carus, Skipping Girl Vinegar), she journeyed to Nashville where they met up to mix with alt-country star producer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Bob Evans).

Taking the 60s-70s singer-songwriter aesthetic of Chloe’s third recording, the acclaimed album ‘White Street’, and marrying it to a new-millennium acoustica, she has delivered a stunning melodic and harmonic wonderland.

Chloe launched her new album via a series of tours taking in Canada, Europe and Australia.

“It is Chloe’s maturity and experience that ultimately sets her folk/pop apart” 
                                                 Georgie Bryant, mediasearch.com.au

Chloe Hall

Signed to Shock Publishing, Chloe sharpened her songwriting skills writing to brief for various film and television projects, including contributions to 5 albums (3 gold) from the ABC’s hit show The Saddle Club, a spin-off album from Nine Network Australia’s Holly’s Heroes and several Foxtel TV Documentaries.
From her third album, White Street, “I’ll Be Gone” was featured on Australia’s Big Brother 2008, “Fallen Angel Boy” was placed on the album from the telemovie Little Oberon, and “All or Nothing” featured in the acclaimed Australian film The Caterpillar Wish starring Susie Porter and Wendy Hughes.

Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall is On a Mission This summer, the Chloe Hall Trio are mortgaging their bicycles, leaving the Australian winter and hitting the road across Canada and Europe.

Covering thousands of miles in an old van, with our voices, instruments and our own brand of alternative folk, we’re on a mission – to get 10,000 people to listen to the brand new album – Outside – before the tour is done.

It’s been a long road so far, with disillusioned record executives and promoters reluctant to get behind us because we’re not mainstream, we’re too mainstream, we’re too folk, we’re not folk enough, we don’t have an ‘angle’, or we don’t fit neatly into a box. They seem to think that great music and storytelling have nothing to do with it.

But you know what? The music has everything to do with it.

Chloe HallChloe recently appeared on Sunday Arts on ABC1 (July 08). In Canada, she has played live and been interviewed on CTV’s ‘BT’ (national breakfast show) and on CFJC TV’s Midday Show (BC).

Her last album, White Street, received airplay on Radio National, local ABC stations and community radio (in Australia) and Canada’s CBC (national broadcaster) and community stations.

She has played live on Late Night Live with Phillip Adams and many regional ABC and community stations.

“Chloe has talent by the bucketload… you’d do well to catch this star on the rise, while you can.” Ian Dearden, Trad & Now

“I could celebrate… I could jump up and down… but the best I could do is to say, go and hear her, buy her CD’s and fall under the magic of Chloe Hall”
                                                       John Warner, Trad & Now Magazine, Australia

“Nothing prepared me for [Chloe’s] stellar live performance. Hall has a free range voice, full of expression and her unique song stylings are truly little gems. She’s also a gifted songwriter. I listened to every word of her original lyrics which are playfully witty, wonderfully wise or painfully true.” 
                                                Teresa Mallam, Prince George Free Press, Canada

There are a lot of singer-songwriters.
There are a lot of singers who can write a song or two.
There are a lot of songwriters who can hold a tune.

Chloe Hall is a rare thing indeed: an exceptional singer and an exceptional songwriter.

“Chloe Hall is a fine new talent on a well-deserved fast track to success… Her songs are beautifully crafted, her vocals strong and assured and delivered with sophistication and sensitivity”
      Anne Infante, The Folk Rag 

Chloe Hall is an engaging, intriguing and charismatic performer, but it’s the simple, undeniable quality of her songs that leave the listener with such an overwhelming emotion. Tragedy is met with grace, loneliness is met with a wry humour – the sun never entirely leaves Chloe’s moody autumnal sky.

From her early days as a teenage-troubadour on Australia’s folk-circuit, through years of touring both in Australia and, more recently, North America, Chloe has blossomed into an exciting international artist.

“Chloe Hall has great potential for commercial success… a refreshing change of pace from ordinary folk music”
Julian Bynoe, Outreach Connection (Canada)

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