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Trio Dhoore

Hartwin Dhoore – Diatonic Accordion. Koen Dhoore – Electro Acoustic Hurdy Gurdy.    
Ward Dhoore – Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin.  

Trio Dhoore www.triodhoore.be

The group Trio Dhoore features three brothers from Flanders in Belgium. 
Koen Dhoore – Electro Acoustic Hurdy Gurdy  
Hartwin Dhoore – Diatonic Accordion  
Ward Dhoore – Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin  

“Technical excellence and rare musicality of all three.” fRoots  

Trio Dhoore are a young and talented band of musical brothers from Flanders in Belgium. Their extensive repertoire of traditional Flemish tunes is punctuated by song and many of their own compositions. This mix all goes to provide their audiences with a soundscape where traditional and contemporary music, melancholy melodies and intuitive interplay merge to unique effect.

The brothers Dhoore, Koen, Hartwin & Ward present their instrumental music in a very dynamic way - writing and playing many of their own compositions - whilst at the same time they breathe life and energy into traditional Flemish music with a skill that belies their ages. 

Trio Dhoore

To date Trio Dhoore have released three albums.  

Momentum 2016  
Parachute 2015
Modus Operandi 2013

With a critically acclaimed catalogue of three albums, and a stellar list of concert and festival appearances, the brothers have started to gain the attention of the music and cultural media.

The magazine ‘fROOTS’ brought them to the notice of a much wider audience by introducing the brothers to the UK and in turn numerous other countries. This most welcome media attention resulted in the group playing a series of concerts at the 'Sidmouth Folk Week' that proved to be highly successful. Trio Dhoore were also invited to showcase at the 'English Folk Expo' in 2016  

Since the release of their first album Modus Operandi in 2013 Trio Dhoore have become a leading Flemish music export and festival favourites. The brothers have now toured across Europe and as far afield as Canada. 

Amongst their performing highlights they completed a ten-day tour of Canada (Mill Race Festival, Goderich Celtic Roots Festival). They have also appeared at European festivals such as Rudolstadt Festival (Germany), Kaustinen Folk Music Festival (Finland), Korrö Folkmusikfestival (Sweden), Festival Dranouter (Belgium), Fête de la Vielle (France), Hiiufolk (Estonia) and Strib Vinter Festival (Denmark). 

 "One of the folk scenes most unassumingly euphoric acoustic sounds"                                                                        Steve Hunt fRoots Magazine UK


Momentum 2016

Parachute 2015

Modus Operandi 2013  

Momentum CD by Trio Dhoore