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Together CD

Together is a collection of songs composed by Fil and Tom and featuring both artists together and separately on lead vocals. Also included on the album are two classic songs Peace In Erin and The Maples Lament.

Track Listing: 1. Until We Meet Again (Campbell) 2. We'll Get Theree When We Get There (McFarland) 3. Ring The Bell (Campbell) 4. Peace In Erin (Trad/Lyrics - Hugh Mcwilliams) 5. The Bird's Song (Campbell McFarland) 6. A New Song To Sing (Campbell McFarland) 7. People Tell Me I'm Lucky (McFarland)  8. The Maple's Lament (Laurie Lewis) 9. Sunshine In The Rain (Campbell) 10. Time (McFarland)
11. Island Love (Campbell/McFarland) 12. Talk About (Campbell)

Musicians: Fil Campbell (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) Tom McFarland (Vocals, Bodhran, Percussion) Steve Cooney (Guitars) John Fitzpatrick (Fiddle)
Ben Sands (Mandolin) Brendan Monaghan (Tin Whistle) Nuala Curran (Cello)
Colum Sands (Double Bass & Concertina) The Singmarra Choir feature on “Ring The Bell” 

Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland

Originally from Belleek in Co. Fermanagh, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist
Fil Campbell has been a performing musician and singer since she was a teenager.
She was brought up on the folk songs and music that was popular around the localities and townland's of Fermanagh and Donegal.

Since the 90's Fil and her husband Tom McFarland who hails from Belfast have been singing and playing as a musical duo. Their unique combination of blending vocals, guitar and percussion plus the ability to mix their original compositions with traditional and contemporary songs -- punctuated by the Irish gift of chat and craic -- has won the hearts and minds of audiences around the world.  

"Tom's superbly judged and sensitively understated percussion and vocal harmonies 
prove a perfect foil to Fil's glorious singing." David Kidman, Living Tradition

Fil is well known locally for her work presenting both television and radio shows alongside her keen interest in community choirs and working with adult singers. With a critically acclaimed catalogue of eight studio albums and several independent recording projects the repertoire of Fil Campbell and Tom McFarland is both varied and eclectic.

Tom, working out of his own Ballyneddan Studio where he is at home both as an engineer and producer has played drums and percussion for singers as diverse as John Wright, David Knopfler, Finbar Furey, Ben Sands and many more.

As a percussionist he is much in demand as a bodhran tutor and session player making appearances on numerous recordings. Tom’s interest in percussion stretches to instruments from all over the world. In his live work he plays, the bodhrán, the African Djembé, Latin American congas and bongos, the cajon, and basically anything else that can be shaken or hit including your normal drum kit.

Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland

When Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland first met they were both working in and around the music business. Fil had just left Downtown Radio’s PR department to set up her own promotion business working as a publicist for concert and TV promoters and booking bands into interviews and gigs. At that time Tom was moonlighting on sound crews for local Cajun and soul bands as well as singer songwriters. By day he was working for Guinness in their corporate division.  

Tom had just started to rekindle his interest in percussion - having played drums as a teenager - and since meeting Fil he would often join her in various music sessions.
After a while Tom persuaded Fil to return to performing having taken a break from her solo career.

At first Tom provided sound for Fil and then gradually the duo started to develop their own percussion and guitar sound, utilising congas and bongos to add lots of additional rhythms to Fil’s guitar playing.   

After they married in 1988 they moved away from Belfast to concentrate on performing it was during this time that Tom taught himself how to play the bodhran. 

Meanwhile Fil was playing occasionally with a fun group called The Presley Brothers, a mix of country blues and singer songwriter material. Tom would occasionally join them on percussion and drums and from there it only took a short while before Fil & Tom were appearing on stage together. After a time their set gradually evolved towards traditional music and their own compositions.   

After moving to Rostrevor in 1993 to record Fil's first solo album - and never going back – they became established as a duo performing on both the Irish and UK folk circuit.
Tom developed a reputation for being a very sensitive accompanist rather than a showy drummer and as a result their songs took on a slightly different shape and sound.

These days the percussion changes according to the music we are performing, New drums are introduced whilst old ones get retired for a while; however the emphasis is to stay fairly subtle using rhythm and voices 

 “….... a unique voice.  She really gets to the heart of a song” Living Tradition.  

Together (Tom and Fil) (Nov 2017)
Back There (featuring Tom McFarland) (2015)
The Emigrant Woman's Tale (with poet Csilla Toldy) (2015)
A Place of My Own  (more songs from the Songbirds catalogue) (2012)
Farewell To Cold Winter (Songbirds Part Two) (2011)
Songbirds DVD of TV Series (2006) Songbirds (2005)
Beneath The Calm (2002)
Jaimidi - Turn of the Day (2001)
Dreaming (1996)
The Light Beyond The Woods (1992)

Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland