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Lianne Hall

The Caretaker CD Booklet Cover

         The Caretaker Track Listing:
Always Late to The Party 2. The Crow’s Nest
3. Monsoon 4. Amp on Fire 5. Summer of 100 Pills 6. Mess of Love
7. The Last Song of the Caretaker 8. No Medicine 9.Slow Late 10. The Ocean is Broken  

Words & Music by Lianne Hall

Sebastian Vogel - frame drum, snare drum, shaker, xylophone
Nolan Churn: shaker, snare drum, bass drum
Felix Müller: electric guitars, piano, kalimba
Alex Paulick: electric guitars, bass guitar, treatments, piano, organ
Lianne Hall: acoustic and electric guitars, electric piano, vocals

Produced by Alexander Paulick, Guy Sternberg and Lianne Hall
Studio: Lowswing Studio, Berlin
Recorded & mixed on analogue tape by Guy Sternberg
Tape Op: Oli Bergkvist at Lowswing Studio

(Caretaker Cat.No. MSMCD182 UPC 5065001032424)

Lianne hall

UK singer and songwriter Lianne Hall releases her fourth solo studio album on Market Square Records (UK) via Lowswing Records (Berlin).  Lianne is “one of the great English voices” according to the late great John Peel and 'The Caretaker' proves this again with another astonishing twist in an experimental and adventurous career. While her sound may be largely country-esque and folk-inspired, her soul is built on a punk rock foundation.

'The Caretaker' was recorded live and direct to tape over a period of five days at the Lowswing Studio in Berlin during the summer of 2015. Lianne teamed up with Alexander Paulick of Kreidler who helped arrange the songs and recruited a host of great musicians who were game to record live. The sessions were based on gut feeling and very few takes. Behind the desk and playing sometimes too was Guy Sternberg, another Berlin legend and owner of one of the best studios in town. His passion for recording to tape and for this project in particular has resulted in a new record label called Lowswing Records, devoted to analogue recordings only.

The album itself speaks of broken lives and a broken world but without getting dragged into the mess. There's too much light in Lianne's voice and space in the music to feel lost in the darkness. 'The Caretaker' is a tonic for our times. In the summer of 2015 UK singer-songwriter Lianne Hall teamed up with Alexander Paulick, of the band Kreidler, to shape a collection of demos into a new album. In a short space of time Alex recruited a stellar cast of Berlin musicians for the sessions and enlisted Guy Sternberg of Lowswing studio to record and co-produce. In three days the entire album was recorded directly to analogue tape. Each song was played live, without unnecessary clutter and with plenty of atmosphere. The result is a spine-tinglingly intimate record with unfussy yet sophisticated production values. Lianne's voice and affecting lyrics have great presence which, along with outstanding musicianship, gives 'The Caretaker' a timeless and deeply personal feel.  

Lianne Hall is a singer-songwriter from Peterborough, with a voice and style which sounds immediately familiar in its gentle warmth, yet conveys a unique emotional depth and integrity in its range and beauty. While her sound may be largely country-esque and folk-inspired, her soul is definitely built on a punk rock foundation. Lianne started writing songs as a teenager, and joined her first band, Witchknot, when she became involved with the 'Riot grrrl' movement in ’93.  

She lived in a bus for five years, making acoustic folk pop with Bela Emerson under the name Hiphuggers and electronica as Pico with bedroom producer Andy Wills. Whilst living there she met her hero John Peel when he was filming his Channel 4 programme Sounds of the Suburbs, and since that memorable meeting she went on to record five Peel sessions with a variety of line-ups. In 2000 she left her bus and moved Pico to Brighton, where she formed The Broken Heart Club with Matt Eaton, Alice Eldridge and Susanne Lambert. Lianne has also collaborated with lots of different artists including d_rradio (deathrowradio), Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), FITH and DJ Marcelle. In John Peel’s own words, Lianne is ‘one of the great English voices’.

Lianne has toured extensively in the UK, mainland Europe and Canada and the U.S.
Her discography includes four solo studio albums and two collaboration albums.
The latest collaboration with Paul Hartnoll as Haunted House is a beautifully produced collection of dark, electronic pop songs  entitled  ‘Brave the Woods’ released on Woodland Recordings.   

2017 sees Lianne release her fourth solo studio album " The Caretaker" which was recorded live and direct to analogue tape in Berlin at Lowswing studios during the summer of 2015. Featuring Alexander Paulick from the band Kreidler and members of the legendary Kante from Hamburg, the album is an exciting new departure and sees Lianne’s voice and songwriting maturing yet further.   Discography: Lianne Hall (Solo Only) The Caretaker (Recorded 2015 Released  2017) Crossing Wires (2010) Malinki Records Abandon Ship (2006) Local Kid Records Trouble (2001) Beat Bedsit Records.    

Lianne Hall

1993. Joined Witchknot, directly from a Riot Grrrl meeting in Leeds/ Bradford https://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/mar/18/riot-grrrl-music-female-rebels  

1996. Withcknot 'Squawk' released on legendary punk label, Flat Earth.
Performed at lots of tours in Europe.  

1997. Hip Huggers 'Drunk' cassette released by Liane (Lianne acoustic plus Bela Emerson and John Gray)  

1998. Appeared on John Peel's Sounds of the Suburbs TV programme for Channel 4.
Met Andy Wills and began collaboration as Pico.

1999. Lianne Hall and Pico complete BBC Radio 1 session for John Peel

2000. Recorded ‘Peel Session No 2 for BBC Radio 1 . 7 inch of Chard by Pico released,
50 in festive fifty. Moved to Brighton.  

2001. Recorded ‘Peel Session No 3 in April plus ‘Peel Acres Xmas Special’.
Solo CDR 'Trouble' release on Brighton's Beat Bedsit label. 

2002. Self released Pico CDR  

2003. Recorded John Peel session No 4, the one with THE QUOTE:

Here’s the text of what John Peel said on his Radio 1 Show,. 
“That is one of the great English voices, it really is! I say English specifically because  you know that if Lianne (that’s Pico by the way which is spelt P-I-C-O and ‘Abandon Ship’) you know that if Lianne was American and she was on a label with a bit of advertising muscle she’d be getting ecstatic reviews in the smart papers. As it is, alas, not very much at all!  But we’ll keep plugging away and I’m sure she will as well. And Pico is Lianne Hall who is joined by Bela Emerson on cello, Justin Wood on bass and Suzanne Lambert on drums.)”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MhPWk_p1x8  

2004. Joint Peel session with Caroline Martin (one of the last sessions he ever broadcast if I remember rightly). https://carolinemartin.bandcamp.com/track/winter-blues 'Y Patatas Bravas' released, a semi Pico mini album. Also Broken Heart Club 7 inch released, both on Lianne's label Malinki Records. Broken Heart club was a short lived band based around my songs. Featured Matt Eaton (Actress Hands/ The Pure Conjecture/ American Mustard) and Alice Eldridge (Collectress) 

2005.Organised a solo tour for myself of Canada/ U.S.A. Travelling by train. Played some UK shows, inc Homocrime in London http://www.everardrecords.com/homocrime/events.html I think this was the year when I recorded a Maida Vale session for Rob Da Bank and Chris Coco for a show called the Blue Room on Radio 1. 

2006. Abandon Ship released on legendary Local Kid records of Bristol. They went on to run Cafe Kino and lots of amazing gigs http://localkid.co.uk/ Session on Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1 show. Became the cleaner/ caretaker of West Hill Hall in Brighton, which I helped turn into a thriving venue. Also became the cleaner for Paul Hartnoll..               

2007.Track on the Irrk 10” compilation (undergorund punk/queer label). Appeared on 'The Ideal Condition' by Paul Hartnoll (Orbital). 'For Silence' and duet with Robert Smith. Headlined the Big Chill festival, Electric Picnic (Dublin), Bridgwater Hall (Manchester), Roundhouse (London), Gigs in Amsterdam and Berlin.  

2008. Toured Europe by Interrail with Bela Emerson. Visited 14 countries in 26 days.  

2010 – 'Crossing Wires' self released, vinyl only. Some great reviews: http://liannehall.com/press/ also 'Making Spaces' a collaboration album with d_rradio also released. Newcastle band who I met while playing a gig in Amsterdam. https://www.facebook.com/deathrowradio  

2011. UK tour with Rae Spoon 

2012. Song on the Bucky compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUvOiJpRaKM Moved to Berlin.   2013. Worked on Haunted House   2014. Haunted House 'Brave the Woods' released on Woodland Recordings. & 7 inch released on Lianne's label. Long in the pipeline collaboration with Paul Hartnoll, realised/ remixed in Berlin with Alexandre Decoupigny. Also collaboration with DJ Marcelle, vocal improv and decks mixed by Lianne.
By the name of Murmuration. http://www.anothernicemess.com/pages/murmuration.html  

2015. Recorded 'The Caretaker' at Lowswing studios Berlin http://lowswing.de/ working with Alexander Paulick of legendary band Kreidler http://www.ikreidler.de/ Also featured musicians from Kante, a German rock band from Hamburg, hits in the 90s. Entirely analogue recording, loved so much by Guy of Lowswing Records that he set up his own label to release it www.lowswing-records.com Played my first gig with FITH and I have also collaborated with them https://wandaportal.bandcamp.com/album/fith  they introduced me to Alexander Paulick  

2016 – 2017 Hatching plans and playing gigs plus collaborating with Mwstard http://mwstard.com/ punk friends from Witchknot days. Coming in 2017 'Lavender Hex' a post punk concept album featuring different voices from the queer/ underground punk scene..  

Some Additional Information

Witchknot played gigs with Dog Faced Hermans, Dawson, Red Monkey, Submission Hold and lots of other punk legends. Labels: Flat Earth and Slampt.

Lianne has opened for: The Handsome Family, The Be Good Tanyas, Sun Kil Moon, Rm Hubbert, Salena Godden, Massicot, Whitehouse, Calvin Johnson, Penny Arcade, Tom Brosseau, Bucky, Ill Ease, Orchestre Tout Pouissant Marcel Duchamp, James Yorkston, The Lovely Eggs.  

Toured with: Rae Spoon, Bela Emerson, Rattle, Zea, Caroline Martin, Robotnicka